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Learning Wizard Mp3 Download
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Would you like to enhance your concentration, memory, and ability to focus by just listening to this audio?

This 30 minute mp3 will get you you in sync to the Beta brainwave, which is the ideal vibration for better absorption and concentration. All you have to do is play this mp3 while studying, reading non-fiction or performing any activity that can benefit from increased cognitive performance. It will increase your focus, memory and mental speed.

Energy Booster Wizard Mp3 Download
($47 Value)

Do you feel legarthic in the mid morning and afternoon, especially after lunch?

This 20 minute brainwave program uses a simple 18 Hz stimulus as well as variable tone and pitch sequence to wake and energize you when you wake up in the morning, or when you need a boost of energy.

Ultimate Time Management Guide eBook
($20 Value)

Strategies for you to have more free time and stop stressing out about all the many tasks and demands of your daily life.


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