Here's what some of our customers had to say about the Powerful Sleep information package:

I was already fairly knowlegeable about health and physiology. I'm a dual certified teacher, one of my certificates is physical education. I have my minor in health education and I'm a black belt self-defense instructor. I've written several ebooks on martial arts and exercise.

BUT, this man's printable ebook gave me information which I was able to begin using the very next day. My energy level increased and I am more aware than ever of my body's sleep cycle and the techniques in this ebook to control and adjust it.

Thank you for this ebook and giving me even more energy!

Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.
Author of "Exercise Kwik Tips for Those with NO Time to Exercise"

Hi Kacper :)

I thought I'd write and give you an update of how I'm going with the
sleep program since I've been following it for six weeks now. My results
so far have been very good! I do find myself with a lot more energy in
the day, and although I'm still sleeping 6 hours a night I'm actually
awake and energetic during the day, whereas before I was constantly tired.

I'm really enjoying the daily exercise and have found it's greatly benefiting my health in general.

I've told a lot of my friends about your book since they were quite amazed at the changes in my energy levels.

I'm currently reading Anthony Robbin's too and finally feeling like I'm getting my life in shape :) Thank you again for the sleep book. It's seriously one of the few things I've ever bought that I can truly say has changed my life.

Have you written any other books yourself? Or would you recommend any
other inspirational authors such as Tony Robbins?

Take care :)

Hi Kacper,

I just wanted to send you a short note to let you know how the Powerful Sleep package has started to positivley effect my life.

When I first read "Powerful Sleep" about 4 weeks ago, I was having 8+ hours sleep per night, and waking up feeling terrible.

Since taking action on the knowledge you teach through powerful sleep, I now have just 5-6 hours sleep per night, and I wake up feeling refreshed & full of energy!

My energy levels throughout the day have also increased tremendously!

I must admit I never expected this kind of a breakthrough, and I can't even begin to tell you what a positive effect this is going to have on my life!

The knowledge you share is absolutley vital to anyone who wants to have a successful & energetic life, in fact I can't see how I would have ever been truly successful without having this knowledge & taking action on it.

So thank you Sincerely Kacper, as your work really has made a positive impact on my life!

Warm Regards

Kevin Lewis
London, UK

I've put several of the techniques in your first ebook to use and have gone from 8+ hours of sleep per night down to 6 hours, and am working on making that 5 hours per night! Your advice has literally changed my life. I once woke up groggy at 7am -- now I get up at 5am and am exercising by 5:15. I can hardly believe it myself, but your techniques work!

James Cameron

I've been using the PowerfulSleep program now for over a month now. After applying the principles of this program, I have dropped the number of hours I slept a night from 7 to 8 hours nightly down to 6 hours or less. All of this extra time that I have every day has helped me get so much more done in a day then I could have every imagined before. Had it not been for this program, I would have never known or believed I could sleep less and have more energy.

I already shared some of the information from this ebook with a friend. He has had the same great results that I have had and has thanked many times for sharing this with him. He has more time then he knows what to do with. This is all from simply changing his workout schedule around. These tips and principles are so easy to learn, anyone can apply them and see results right away.

Thanks again for making this ebook. It has already changed my life and some of the people around me in my life.

Sean Sidelko
Litteton, CO

Wow! What an incredible book!

A crash course in the science of sleep. A myth shattering collection of information. A system to get insomniacs drowsy within minutes. What else can you wish for in a book about "Power Sleeping"?

As a medical doctor, I'm a "trained insomniac". Still, it was intriguing to understand what exactly happens during sleep - or how lack of it affects my body.

Kacper doesn't just say why, he explains how... and teaches what you must do to get rid of insomnia. What'll you need? Common sense, commitment and an open mind, willing to try out his proven system to get to sleep - quickly and easily!

If this powerful little ebook doesn't help you sleep like a baby - why, you probably need to see the doctor :)

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian

I have successfully reduced the amount of time I sleep by 2 hours a day already from reading this ebook!

I just realized in typing that how much time that actually is! That's an extra working day and more time to relax in one week! As someone that reads and listens to a lot of self help information one thing I would never have thought about researching sleep, yet it is so important. I was sleeping too much time away and still feeling tired which was limiting my effectiveness no matter what time management strategies or other things I learned. Sometimes I have found it hard to judge how effective techniques I have learned in the self help area, this one was easy. If I don't follow the advice in the book I end up feeling worn out, restless and tired the next day.

This book explains everything you need to know in a highly and easy to understand manner, It's not rocket science, it just works.

Mark Shiel,
Hereford, United Kingdom

Hi Kacper,

Thank you so much for sharing the secrets of powerful sleep. I have read many different books on sleep and insomnia so far, but "Powerful Sleep" is the only one that told me what I need to know to feel more energetic and make the most of my sleeping time. Your book gave me a lot of insights into how my body is working and what I can do to make my sleep more energizing and thus sleep less. It was very easy to understand and fun to read. I especially liked the chapter "Your Personal Powerful Sleep Plan". It is great to be guided through the process of changing my sleeping habits. It helped a lot to evaluate my situation step by step and then make a plan how to reduce my sleeping time. Also, the Body Temperature Rhythm Experiment is very interesting and a great help. I will recommend your book to my friends and family so that all of them can benefit from what you know.

Julia Mueller
Hamburg, Germany

I read your 'powerful sleep' e-book a few days ago and have been putting the techniques to work since. I have wondered why when I exercise regularly, and eat well that my energy levels are not what I wanted. After reading your book I see that I have been sleeping too much (8hrs +) and have been dealing with this by trying to sleep more thinking I wasn't getting enough.

Since I have put your techniques to work I have cut my sleep down by an hour a night and this will come down further. This gives me more time during the day, but better than this, is that my energy levels are higher and my mind much clearer than it has been since I was a kid. Thanks very much for writing this e-book and making this information available. It is a must read for anyone wanting to get the most out of life and themselves, it has changed my sleeping habits and my life.

Andrew Baccus,

The Powerful Sleep Package is very well written and best thing I like about it is that it is very practical and friendly to the reader. I've read the main e-book only till now and have benefited tremendously in my sleep quality and satisfaction, though I've been a little lazy in applying everything. It was amazing to know how crucial, simple things like sunlight, exercise, water, naps etc can be! My sedentary lifestyle was affecting my life negatively, without my knowledge. This book has really woken me up and made me understand its dangers and the need to incorporate simple and important changes in my life to greatly improve my sleep and energy levels. I am still to work on reducing the sleep ideas, which looks very promising. But just the first three chapters have helped me a lot in transforming my sleep quality. I surely think that anyone (whether having sleep troubles or not) would benefit a lot from the must-know information presented in this package.

The information here is presented very systematically. Kacper first explains the science behind the sleep, and then he proceeds step by step in showing how to utilize this knowledge to optimize our sleep cycle. The book is filled with tips here and there which I would say help beyond just improving sleep. Personally I've been quite motivated to exercise daily after reading this book and feel my stress levels decrease a lot. It also presents many relaxation techniques and the section on insomnia and controlling the racing mind is really practical and useful. I now try them often and feel myself cooling down whenever I feel a little tensed up.

In the end, Kacper really makes it easy for the reader by tying up all he has discussed in a concise sleep plan along with a questionnaire to aid the reader to discover his/her weaknesses. I am really glad to have read this book and this knowledge would surely be useful all my life.

BTW, the package contains lots of other goodies, which I haven't read fully yet. I read a part of the Dream book and must say it was amazing. I tried it for a couple of days and was amazed how much I dream everyday and was able to remember much more then I usually do. Especially the discussion on sub-modalities was very practical and relaxing.

Overall, I think Kacper has done a wonderful job of compiling this package and making it practical for the masses.

Ashish Gupta

I had to tell you how very impressed I am with the Powerful Sleep Package. It overdelivers in its promise and is very enjoyable to read. Can I even say that it has opened my eyes to closing my eyes? :-) I like the way Kacper writes so that you understand exactly what he is conveying. I've found that I've changed some of my habits because of this new understanding and indeed have a much better sleep for fewer hours.

My husband is a shift-worker and he is keen to work out a personalized sleeping plan with these methods. It's his answer to a longtime problem with sleeping and lack of energy. I particularly liked the bonus on dreams as I've always been interested in that topic. Thank you for enlightening us both!

I'd highly recommend the Powerful Sleep Package to anyone for Absolute value ensured.

Warm regards,

Eva Browne-Paterson

Dear Kacper,

I read your powerful sleep package yesterday and wow! What an amazing resource you have created. I now know why I want to nod off at 3.30 every afternoon, (and why trying to force myself awake at that time with endless cups of coffee is detrimental to my deep sleep for that night), why sometimes I can't sleep, what to do to sleep really deeply all the time, and how easy it is to get better sleep.

After reading, I followed some of your advice and was alert on a Sunday morning. Can you imagine this? I did two hours work and was ready for the day. Yes, me, the "don't-talk-to-me-in-the-mornings" girl. Last night I did the things you suggested and found my brain to be very alert this morning and why this is so. This product of yours is really the answer to what I call "morning blues" and how to be alert and focused all day long.

Great work! Essential for everyone to read this. It's a must.

Best wishes,

Amy Roberts

I just finished reading your PowerSleep ebook and I have to say I'm very impressed. I never understood how the internal "sleep clock" would constantly wake up my wife at 6am every morning, yet I had a tough time dragging myself out of bed an hour later. Now I understand, and have already made a few simple changes to my routine. No doubt I'll soon be "up at dawn" with her.

To think that for roughly the cost of one bottle of sleeping pills we have permanant solution to Insomina.


Frank Sousa

Wow. I just finished reading Powerful Sleep and can't wait to start applying what I just learned. I'm one of those people who stays up too late and drags all morning. Until now, I thought I just needed more sleep. But because you explain so well how to optimize your inner sleep clock, I now know how to increase the quality of my sleep without having to increase the length of it. Thank you for sharing these great techniques.

Carol Steele

Hi Kacper,

I have just finished reading through your Power Sleep Product and felt that I must congratulate you!! I found the whole package well laid out, easy to read and the information was awesome!! I will definitely be following a lot of the advice you gave to improve my sleeping pattern and I was totally fascinated by your e-book on Dreams too!

I am now very excited about recommending this product to Pages4women Members and our other visitors.

Kind regards,

Tania Bartrip

Your Powerful Sleep e-book is amazing. It is full of fascinating information and practical advice. Anyone who tries these techniques should find it easy to improve the quality of their sleep and energy levels.

I will be recommending it to everyone I know, (especially people who work night shifts).

Cal Gibbins

Kacper succeeds in presenting an extremely complex subject in a manner that most readers should experience little difficulty in understanding. Thankfully the scientific terminology often associated with similar topics is noticeably absent in 'Powerful Sleep'.

A sound yet simple explanation of the basic mechanics of sleep and the body sleep system dispels much of the myth and mystery that often surrounds the subject of sleep, how much is needed and how to make the most of the sleep you do get.

How to optimize your sleeping pattern for maximum health and efficiency and how to deal with some of the numerous reasons you may be unable to sleep are covered with a selection of sensible guidelines well supported with facts.

The main 'Powerful Sleep' book encourages you to build your own personalized Power Sleep Plan, a task made easy with the use of the supplementary books/appendices that make up the 'Power Sleep' package.

Having had the advantage of being in possession of the 'Power Sleep ' package for some time now, I have already constructed my own Personalized Power Sleep Plan.

The resulting improvement in my overall well-being as a result of starting to optimize my sleeping habits is nothing short of astonishing.

It is precisely because of this personal experience from using the 'Power Sleep' package that I can and do recommend it with confidence.

Eric T. Hart

"Your Advice Has Literally Changed
My Life"

"I've put several of the techniques in your e-book to use and have gone from 8+ hours of sleep per night down to 6 hours, and am working on making that 5 hours per night! Your advice has literally changed my life. I once woke up groggy at 7am -- now I get up at 5am and am exercising by 5:15. I can hardly believe it myself, but your techniques work!"

- James Cochran.
Roanoke, Va

"My Energy Level Increased And
I Am More Aware Than Ever Of My
Body's Sleep Cycle"

"I was already fairly knowledgeable about health and physiology. I'm a dual certified teacher, one of my certificates is physical education. I have my minor in health education and I'm a black belt self-defense instructor. I've written several ebooks on martial arts and exercise. "

"BUT, this man's printable ebook gave me information which I was able to begin using the very next day. My energy level increased and I am more aware than ever of my body's sleep cycle and the techniques in this ebook to control and adjust it.

"Thank you for this ebook and giving me even more energy!"

- Author, Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

"I Wake Up Refreshed After
Only 6 Hours Of Sleep"


I used to wake up sore, tired and barely able to creak my way out of bed. If I slept longer than 8 hours it was even worse. Since I purchased and read your Sleep System, I'm no longer the grouch who stole morning."

"I wake up refreshed with only 6 hours of sleep. I'm so awake and happy in the morning that my family is happy to see me awake. The dog no longer cowers in the corner wishing I would take her for a walk instead of just sitting at the table bleary eyed. Thanks for researching and writing Powerful Sleep" ( My family and my dog thanks you too.)

- Hazen Hoffpauir

"No More Fatigue! And Only Five
Hours Of Sleep Each Night..."

"Dear Kacper,

I want to thank you for your Powerful Sleep package, and all the extra hours it has given me each day. I can now perform well, with no fatigue, with about five hours of sleep each day. Thank you also for the letter I received from you this morning--I agree that "this letter is not the 'end' of our relationship, but rather the beginning of a great journey together."

"Thanks for all you are offering."


- Sander Eller

"I Now Understand My Body
In A Much Clearer Way..."

"Hi Kacper,

I read all the information in your 'Powerful sleep system' and I want to say thank you for sharing such valuable information."

"I learned some new notions, and a few I had already been practicing unknowingly."

"Let me explain."

"I used to be a very heavey sleeper. I would sleep an averge of minimum 10 hrs a day and wake up feeling tired."

"So a few years ago, I started to change my lifesytle a bit. "

"Just by implementing a few changes in my life, my sleeping hours went down by half, and I would wake up easier and in better shape in the morning. So since then, I have been sleeping between 5-7 hrs a day, and feeling in better shape than ever."

"Some days though I would try to sleep-in a little longer 30-45 mins (on weekends), and would wake up feeling more tired then when I slept less, and I just couldn't understand."

"But by reading the information on 'sleep cycles' in your 'Powerful sleep system' everything became clear. Thanks."

"I have also incorporated another very useful information from your book : power naps (or siestas). On days where I get only 3-4 hrs of sleep, I have a power nap and it really pulls me through."

"So with the information that I learned in your books, I now understand 'WHY' the changes that I had implemented in my new lifestyle had that effect and 'WHY' my need for sleep was reduced to 5-7 hrs a day."

"Thank you very much kacper for taking the time and for sharing this valuable life changing information with all of us."

"It's been really useful to me. Nowadays, it's refreshing to meet someone who takes the time and effort for his clients, and is not just interested in the 'fast Buck' . thanks kacper.""

- Gaetan St-hilaire
- Quebec, Canada

"...The Program's Explanations Of The Sleep Process and Simple, Holistic Techniques For Improving It make It Clear Why This Effort Pays Off"

"The Powerful Sleep program is doing for me what no diet and-exercise program could do by itself. It is the "Holy Grail" that I've long been searching for. In the three weeks since I changed my sleep habits, I can honestly say I have greatly increased my energy and daytime alertness. I'm no longer afraid of sleeping less than eight hours and look forward to waking up. I also have at least two to three more hours during the day for production or leisure. Of course, effort is required on the user's part as there is no "magic bullet" substitute. It suffices to say, however, that the program's explanations of the sleep process and simple, holistic techniques for improving it make it clear why this effort pays off. I think everyone should try the Powerful Sleep program!"

- Tim Ortlieb
Shasta Lake City, California

"Prior to studying and following your program I took drugs to go to sleep, I would be knocked out for 10 hours, and I would awake feeling tired."

"Thank You so much for your Powerful Sleep Program. Prior to studying and following your program I took drugs to go to sleep, I would be knocked out for 10 hours, and I would awake feeling tired. Now I follow a few simple steps in your program and I fall asleep naturally. I am so happy to have my natural sleep pattern back, now I wake up easily and refreshed. I never used to be able to relax at nap time with out some kind of relaxation tape to listen to. Now I take short refreshing power naps and I wake up refreshed. The steps in the program have also incresed my overall health and energy. Thank You Again."

- Hal Sclarow

"Kacper, My sleep Has Already Decreased From 8 And A Half Hours And I Have More Energy!"

"Hi Kacper

I got the book because i was too busy to do all the things i needed to do in one day, and wanted to not only have more time but more energy to complete my day."

"After reading the ebook, my sleep has decreased from 8 1/2 hours a night to 6 1/2 to 7 in a fortnight. I have much more energy than ever before."

"I would thoroughly recommend purchasing powerful sleep to anyone."

- Rod Smith
Sydney, Australia

"I Suffered From Insomnia...Often It Would Take 3 Hours or More For Me To Fall Asleep..."

"Before i read the Powerful sleep Ebook, i was a terrible sleeper. I suffered from insomnia probably 3 times a week. Often it would take 3 hours or more for me to fall asleep and then i might wake up during the night and have trouble falling asleep again. I was rarely able to wake up on time and i felt like garbage every morning. I was frequently late for work or school as the case would be. This sad state of affairs persisted from at least highschool, into university and then the workforce. Before turning in desperation to Powerful Sleep, i had suffered these sleeping problems for probably 9-10 years."

"I found Powerful Sleep just by searching the internet in the hope of finding some good sleep advice. At first i didn't buy the ebook out of a certain conviction that i would get screwed by an internet shyster. My wife was also convinced i would get scammed and did her best to dissuade me. In the end i figured the book was cheap enough that it didn't really matter, so i bought it."

"What struck me about the book first of all was that it was quite short and was lacking the usual filler material one expects to have to wade through. Secondly, there was nothing in it that struck me as being complicated, difficult, or improbable. Essentially, the book takes a lot of simple stuff which most people probably know about sleep, adds some stuff most people probably don't know, and gives you the plan and inspiration to make some minor changes in your life to allow you to take control of your sleep patterns and, consequently the way you feel in your every day life."

"Along with sleeping poorly prior to reading the ebook and implementing what it said, i also suffered horribly from daytime drowsiness. I would fall asleep at work, in school, on the bus, driving my car (one minor accident, many near misses) - anytime i would sit down for 5 minutes i would be fighting to stay awake. It was awful."

"All that has changed dramatically since i read the ebook and took its message to heart. Since then, i have had insomnia one time that i can think of. That is one time in the last 5-6 months or so. I can't tell you what a relief it has been to be able to go to bed and actually fall asleep within 5 or 10 minutes instead of 2 or 3 hours. I am able to get up in the mornings with little or no difficulty probably 90% of the time. That last 10% occurs almost exclusively when i've engaged in one of the Powerful Sleep 'no-no's."

"Not only can i get up easily and have energy in the morning, the overpowering urge to sleep during the day has almost entirely disappeared. That feeling of walking through my days in a demented haze has disappeared."

"It is a rare day now that i feel the need for an afternoon nap. My wife, after watching me like a hawk has grudgingly admitted that my sleep has completely changed for the better."

"I don't know whether the ebook will work for you or has worked for anyone else - I can only speak to my own experience. If i had known what an amazing blessing this little book would be to my life when I first bought it, I would have paid 10 times more than I did and counted it a bargain. I sincerely hope that people suffering as I did will try the book out. Lots of self help programs purport to offer you simple and easy ways to revolutionize your life. Most of them are anything but easy and revolutionary. "

"For me, the ideas in the ebook have been absurdly easy to bring into my everyday life, and the results have been a tremendous blessing."

- Andrew Loewen
Winnipeg, Manitoba

"I Suffered From Constant Restless Nights..."

"Hi Kacper,

I thought I would send you a testimonial for your webpage as I have had great success from your Powerful sleep system.

Prior to reading the Powerful Sleep e-book I suffered from constant restless nights. I could not remember the last time that I had slept the night through without waking several times. I believed that I was born that way and had to put up with it. I would go to bed earlier and earlier to try to get more sleep. I could never sleep in and envied those who could. After learning all about the Powerful Sleep system my life has changed dramatically. I now go to bed much later, so get more into my day, and I sleep through the entire night. If I do wake I am able to relax and go back to sleep with ease. I now understand when I wake in the morning that my body is ready to start the day and I am able to put more energy into all that I do. Thank you for your help. It has made a wonderful change in my life."


Kind Regards,
- Anna Hedger

"It's great to have about 3 more hours in my day! "

"In case you guys are interested, I'm having a great time with the program! Only about a week into it, my sleep schedule is much better...."

"Oh, and most of all - it's great to have about 3 more hours in my day! So I shall continue to enjoy this, and I thank you very much!"


- Willie Bassie

"Following your techniques I have now been rising at 5am very regularly and I don't often feel tired at all"

"I have used your sleep material to quite some success."

"I have been trying to get up in the mornings and spend an hour doing meditation. However, getting up at 5 am was difficult since I felt so tired the next evening."

"Following your techniques I have now been rising at 5am very regularly and I don't often feel tired at all! I have reduced my sleep time to 7 hours a night. If I go to bed at 10 I wake at 5 with no alarms clocks - if I go to bed after 10pm then the same difference in time seems to occur in the morning - that is if I stay up 15 minutes more then usually I wake at 5:15 etc...."

"So far I am very pleased with my progress and will gradually try to reduce my sleep hours in the next few months. For now though I am happy with the extra time in my day."


- John Wood

"The powerful sleep package is great."

"The powerful sleep package is great. It is also very inspiring. The best part is that it explains everything why we should do these things."

"Thank you for your great work."

- Martins Kozlovskis

"I have cut down my sleep time by 3 hours to just 6 hours and I feel like a teenager again."

"Hi Kacper,

As I said in my audio testimony I have not really felt good since the age of about 15 I am now 27. Good meaning getting to bed feeling good, sleeping through the night and waking as you see in all the 'Mattress Adds' with a great stretch and a groan ;O). No I have fallen asleep with a sleeping aid and waking feeing more tired than I had fallen asleep."

"In just 10 days following your Powerful Sleep System and understanding my body and what it needs. I have cut down my sleep time by 3 hours to just 6 hours and I feel like a teenager again. You may be saying to yourself but you are only 27 years old but believe me I felt as though I was in my 50's. Buy understanding what we are doing to our bodies in our daily routines being our diet and unhealthy patterns we can take hold of our lives and be in charge again!"

"Thanks a mill, I am very happy I discovered the system at my age. I now have the rest of my life to look after my body and enjoy my life. Lucky I am not waking up later in life at least I can say I gave myself a chance."

- Jason Benade
The City of Texas, Tennessee

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